The 10 Best Foods To Control Diabetes

The 10 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Treatments for diabetes have gotten better, and online information aimed at helping diabetics has become more available. Among the resources one can find online is information on foods that benefit diabetics. To help comb through all of the new great advice out there, below are the ten best foods to control diabetes. While there are other options, these ten foods are the most popular and most effective.

1. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables or leafy greens are loaded with benefits for anyone with diabetes. Spinach and kale are two types of these vegetables that should be incorporated into a diet that benefits those with diabetes. Leafy vegetables provided Vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, and they have antioxidants.

2. Eggs

Eggs help keep someone full, and they also target potential health issues those with diabetes may face. Eggs can protect the heart and eyes. They also help with inflammation that could normally begin to impact mobility and life in general.

3. Walnuts

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) helps protect the heart. But receiving ALAs is not the only benefit derived from eating walnuts. Insulin levels can be better managed and kept at lower levels, too. Nuts, in general, are great for diabetics, and walnuts are the best option.

4. Fatty Fish

Helping cut down the risks for heart disease and stroke, fatty fish is a great option for anyone with diabetes. Fatty fish also helps with inflammation and targeting weight issues. Among the most popular fatty fish choices is the go-to favorite choice, salmon.

5. Sweet Potatoes

For those that love potatoes, sweet potatoes are a healthier option than white potatoes. Sugar from sweet potatoes is released slower than white potatoes. Sweet potatoes also contain needed fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

6. Strawberries

The anthocyanins that give this fruit its red color are loaded with powerful antioxidants. Cholesterol and insulin levels will be lowered, and blood sugar levels and heart issues are also targeted.

7. Cinnamon

Mix cinnamon into a diet to unlock all kinds of benefits. Triglyceride, cholesterol and blood sugar levels will be lowered. An ability to handle insulin changes will also improve.

8. Yogurt

Both Greek yogurt and probiotic yogurt are great for people with diabetes. Yogurt helps with oxidative stress that if unchecked can cause all kinds of health issues, especially inflammation. Accompanying cholesterol problems and heart problems can also be mitigated.

9. Whole Grains

Unlike white grains, whole grains have more fiber and other nutrients diabetics need. Blood sugar levels are more easily controlled, too. There are numerous whole grain options. Brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain bread, and whole-grain pasta are just a few of the popular whole grains.

10. Garlic

Blood pressure is more manageable, and inflammation is mitigated. Blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels also are more likely to be kept at a healthy level. Mix garlic into dishes to lower the chance of diabetes wreaking havoc on the body.

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