Blood Glucose 32 mg/dL - good or bad?

A blood glucose test will measure the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. The amount is usually measured in mg/dL (milligrams (mg) per decilitre (dL)).

Sometimes, blood sugar is measured in mmol/L (Millimoles Per Litre). Your blood glucose level in Millimoles is 1.8 mmol/L.

Blood Sugar Test

Blood Sugar 32 on the blood sugar test

32 mg/dL Blood Glucose - what does it mean?

For a Person With Diabetes

  • Hypoglycemia and diabetic coma - immediately call emergency. This blood sugar level is highly dangerous and can lead to diabetic coma.

For a Person Without Diabetes

  • Hypoglycemia can also be experienced by people without diabetes. High levels of stress, physical acitivies (eg sports) and meals with a high glycemic index (that cause a higher insulin release) can cause your blood sugar to fall.

More Information

A blood glucose reading of less than 40 mg/dl indicates that you have hypoglycemia or dangerously low blood sugar. This condition is brought on when there is not enough food for the body to get convert into glucose and provide energy to the brain. Having too much or too little of the hormone insulin, excessive alcohol drinking or vigorous exercise can also cause dangerously low blood sugar.

Diabetics can also lapse into a coma if steps are not taken quickly to bring blood glucose up to at least 70 - 140 mg/dl. Follow your diabetes plan as directed by your doctor to improve the symptoms. This may include taking insulin or a fast-acting glucose booster such as orange juice, a hard candy, or glucose tablets. Taking these foods can elevate blood sugar back to normal levels. If symptoms do not improve or you feel worse, call for emergency help to prevent falling into a diabetic coma.

Written by Marcel Gantert on January 30, 2019