Blood Glucose 143 mg/dL - good or bad?

A blood glucose test will measure the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. The amount is usually measured in mg/dL (milligrams (mg) per decilitre (dL)).

Sometimes, blood sugar is measured in mmol/L (Millimoles Per Litre). Your blood glucose level in Millimoles is 7.9 mmol/L.

Blood Sugar Test

Blood Sugar 143 on the blood sugar test

143 mg/dL Blood Glucose - what does it mean?

For a Person With Diabetes

  • Slightly too high if this was your fasting blood sugar (8 hours without food intake)
  • Still okay if this was tested after a meal or if you are planning to exercise

For a Person Without Diabetes

  • Could be Prediabetic if it was tested fasting

More Information

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends a reading of 180 mg/dl or less two hours after a meal. Although a reading of 140 - 180 mg/dl may be regarded as normal during this 2-hour window, it signals the onset of hyperglycemia. Slightly increased readings may be due to eating too much carbs at mealtime. Stress and forgetting to take insulin are other reasons.

Being borderline hyperglycemic should be taken seriously to prevent elevated blood glucose. Headache, increased thirst, and frequent urination are early signs of rising blood sugar. Quickly testing your blood at the earliest signs of hyperglycemia allows you to keep the readings under control and prevent medical complications. Exercising, drinking water, and taking diabetes medication can help to quickly lower blood sugar.

Written by Marcel Gantert on January 30, 2019